El dominio de Google

Infografía sobre el liderazgo y monopolio de Google en algunos de los sectores en los que trabaja.

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  • Sky febrero 9, 2012 a las 3:41 pm

    that we ndeeed to archive EVERYTHING that comes in or out via e-mal for SEVEN YEARS). Google just recently announced a 90-day retention capability.As private institutions, I suppose that these laws don’t apply to colleges. Some local K-12 network admins that I know have a conspiracy theory that these new archiving laws were pushed through by software companies who want to sell more expensive e-mail solutions to schools (who can least afford the software or the required tech support).I like Google apps and agree with the notion that there are many other things that I could be doing that would more productive and interesting than managing a e-mail server (grants, training, researching new products, etc.).I’m not a fan of Microsoft (I use a Mac, BTW – as do many network administrators that I know) and would personally like to see Google knock them down a few notches. I’m tired of paying licensing fees for Office and have tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my district to switch to OpenOffice. I really wish that more schools would take advantage of Google’s product and switch to free, open standards-based products.